Thursday, April 6, 2017

playing offence

to play offensively you should choose a high damage champion that will hit very hard but will not be able to take many hits. the champion will be able to have abilities that regenerate health of move to a enemy faster or the ability to give chance and slow or move faster than the enemy champions if you take out their defensive player you could let your minions move up in order to take turret fire. while the minions take the turret fire you need to advance on their turret and attack it and take it out if you can. My personal favorite offensive champion is daydreamer he is a champion with massive attack and a lot of the essentials things that a offensive champion should have. tryandamere's q gives him a lot of his health back his w slows his enemy's so that they cant move so he can use his e in witch he spins fast in a direction either to start a fight by moving in their direction them or getting out of a fight by moving away and his r makes him immune to death for five seconds allowing him to kill a champion while  he cant be killed him self.
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playing defense

Image result for summoners rift mapthis is the map for the game play for league of legends this is the main map that you will play on. if your defending you plan on playing defensively while your team mates play offensively. while playing defensively you should play a champion with a high defense. to actually play defensively you should stay in your lane and near your turret and attack the enemy champions when they get close enough and chase them  the turret most of the time the turret deals more damage than you so it is easier to let the turret kill the enemy champion. when the enemy champion deals too much damage to your turret you have to run back to your next turret or let the enemy champ hit you if the enemy champ hits you the turet will automatically target the enemy champion dealing a lot of damage to their champion and most likely killing the champion.


Image result for league of legendsLeague of Legends is a online multiplayer game that involves leveling up your summoner to earn more mystery points witch are used for reaching mysteries on your champion. your champion is what you use in game.In game you must use your champion to kill the opposing teams champions and minions.when you kill the champions and minions you level up your champion the higher the champion level the better the abilities of the champion.At level 6 a champion unlocks their ult witch is the champions most devastating move in most cases. the image bellow is an image of game play of league of legends. in the picture the fifth ability to from the left going to the right that is the ult in all cases the ult is poisoned at that spot the abilities can be bonded to different keys but the default keys are q w e r b these abilities correspond with what the champions abilities are.the game is a fun mmo that is free to play their motto is free to play not pay to win

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New champion rework was placed on the champion Galio. Galio is a tank class champion that has the ability to jump to an allied champion at the push of a button. when you jump to a allied champion it grants the champion a shield of durand witch grants a shield so that the enemy champions are able to take more damage.the rework changed Galio from a weak little gargoyle to a giant colossus. Galio is respectively one of the toughest champions.
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