Thursday, April 6, 2017


Image result for league of legendsLeague of Legends is a online multiplayer game that involves leveling up your summoner to earn more mystery points witch are used for reaching mysteries on your champion. your champion is what you use in game.In game you must use your champion to kill the opposing teams champions and minions.when you kill the champions and minions you level up your champion the higher the champion level the better the abilities of the champion.At level 6 a champion unlocks their ult witch is the champions most devastating move in most cases. the image bellow is an image of game play of league of legends. in the picture the fifth ability to from the left going to the right that is the ult in all cases the ult is poisoned at that spot the abilities can be bonded to different keys but the default keys are q w e r b these abilities correspond with what the champions abilities are.the game is a fun mmo that is free to play their motto is free to play not pay to win

Image result for league of legends

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