Thursday, April 6, 2017

playing defense

Image result for summoners rift mapthis is the map for the game play for league of legends this is the main map that you will play on. if your defending you plan on playing defensively while your team mates play offensively. while playing defensively you should play a champion with a high defense. to actually play defensively you should stay in your lane and near your turret and attack the enemy champions when they get close enough and chase them  the turret most of the time the turret deals more damage than you so it is easier to let the turret kill the enemy champion. when the enemy champion deals too much damage to your turret you have to run back to your next turret or let the enemy champ hit you if the enemy champ hits you the turet will automatically target the enemy champion dealing a lot of damage to their champion and most likely killing the champion.

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